Dragnet tightens on shady health officials

Look forward to able and new leadership

In recent times, the health sector has come under scrutiny because of corrupt officials and syndicates profiteering illegally. However, with such criminal and illicit activities the law enforcement agencies are also actively trying to curb the irregularities of shady health officials.

It can be said that the unscrupulous health officials should be quickly apprehended and put behind bars. A report published in this daily showed that several intelligence agencies and the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) have started extra monitoring especially targeting some directors of different government organisations under the health ministry. We welcome this very much and think that the capture of those involved in the higher-up is imperative.

The unscrupulous health officials should be quickly 

apprehended to extract more crucial 

information from them to further 

deepen the investigation

In this regard it is also encouraging to know that the government is looking forward to new and able people who will be able to take the helm of health sector now. The appointment of a new director general (DG) of the Directorate General of Health Services is appreciative. We also appreciate that new and able personnel are put in the position they deserve and hope for a better result than his predecessor in this time of epidemic.

According to intelligence sources there were some former directors and deputy directors, who had earned large amounts of money through corruption. These people must be properly listed so that no mastermind can escape the dragnet once it is cast. Furthermore, no loopholes should be left behind by law enforcement agencies so that higher level corrupts cannot manage to flee.

We want the quick apprehension of those who are connected with irregularities in the sector. Wealth is also an aspect that must be looked into as to how it has been acquired and proper accounting must be done in this case. Since the government is also considering to confiscate any illegal wealth, it would be prudent to use said wealth in the uplifting of the health sector.