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DPS STS students continue service for underprivileged children

Published : 18 Nov 2020 09:19 PM | Updated : 19 Nov 2020 12:21 AM

Students from DPS STS School, Dhaka continue to display their enthusiasm for contributing to social development, as they now arrange the ‘DPS STS Education for Human Greatness’ campaign to facilitate the education of the local underprivileged children amidst COVID-19 crisis.  

This humanitarian initiative by the brilliant young minds intends to support children who generally would have a tough time ensuring a sound education, and are now deprived of all means of their fundamental growth due to the pandemic. The community service activity, mainly focuses on spreading the light of literacy among slum-dwelling children from all over Dhaka city. 

Educational videos have been prepared by DPS STS students for this campaign and shared to partnering organizations like Jaago Foundation, Brac’s NGO Organisation, Hatil Complex Ltd., Star labs, Care Bangladesh Foundation, Mechamind, Bisshash Organization, Masco Group, Community of Biotechnology, Hayat Fashion Ltd, SF Sweaters, and more who promote the equal value of learning through a mutual benevolent framework. 

Projectors have also been availed to demonstrate these videos on-the-go in future. It has been planned to execute the outdoor activities once a week in future, depending on the area locations. A DPS STS students’ organization named ‘TYCHE’ is in charge to support the outdoor functionalities. 

On Universal Childrens Day, the students of DPS STS School Dhaka are going to distribute books and stationery items to the underprivileged kids under DPS STS Education for Human Greatness Project.

Madhu Wal, Principal, DPS STS School, said, ‘I feel immensely proud when I see our children standing out with their timely and innovative campaigns. ‘DPS STS Education for Human Greatness’ reflects our commitment that we always promote the inner-growth in every child and opts to enable them to be compassionate and responsible to reduce social impediments whenever they are capable of it. Participating in such activities at such a young age could also enhance their leadership qualities, which will ultimately benefit the society and the state’.  

DPS STS students will continue to support more and more underprivileged children with the rays of education every week through sharing the educational videos online. The videos are mainly designed to provide the children with a basic knowledge of core subjects like Bangla, English, Mathematics, Social Studies and Science. These young dedicated minds from DPS STS are developing these videos with immense passion to spread education and make a difference in the society.