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DPE prepares to evaluate television online learning

Published : 06 Jun 2020 09:14 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 02:42 PM

The Directorate of Primary Education (DPE) is exploring to take the exam at home in order to evaluate the learning during the long vacation for coronavirus pandemic, sources said.

In this regard, a verbal instruction has already been given to find out on how and what way teachers will evaluate the study of the students. 

According to the concerned sources, the DPE has taken an initiative to send teachers from house to house to continue the education of primary school students across the country. Teachers will go to the homes of the students and inquire about their studies.

Besides, they will provide question papers to the students at their respective homes, prepared according to the teaching on Bangladesh Television. Students will write the answers in their notebook while parents would be responsible in supervising them. Teachers will collect and evaluate it later.

However, primary school teachers have objected to the DPE's decision. They are not willing to go from door to door to reach the students in fear of Coronavirus infection. Many teachers have also written and verbally demanded to withdraw the decision. 

Anisur Rahman, president of the assistant teachers' society of Bangladesh Primary School, told the media on Friday, “Many teachers in the country have been infected by coronavirus. In many places students are getting sick. In this situation, teachers will not be interested in going door to door to take the tests.”

He also said, “Some teachers have expressed verbal objection. Many teachers do not even know the resident address of all the students. How can they solve such a big task like going to everyone's house and taking exams?”

He demanded to reconsider the decision.

Sajib Bhuyian, a primary school teacher said, “It is very risky for teachers to visit homes during the Corona pandemic.” 

However, Abdullah Noman, another school teacher said, “The initiative is good. This will help the students to return to their studies mentally.”

In this regard, Director General of DPE Mohammad Fasiullah said, “Students have been isolated from formal education for a long time. Their study has been continued in an alternative process. Now we want to evaluate that teaching. So this initiative has taken as an alternative.”

However, Secretary of the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education Md Akram-Al-Hossain told Bangladesh Post, “We did not take any decision to conduct examination. We are trying to evaluate the online class, conducted by television and radio. In this regard, I have told director general of DPE to find out a way of evaluation system.”

“We are trying to find out some alternative way for continuation of education. This can be an alternative. But, the ministry has not taken any decision to conduct exam now,” he added.

All the educational institutions of the country remain closed since March 16 for Covid-19. 

To continue the education activities, the government started online education through ‘Sangsad Bangladesh Television’ for secondary level students from March 26.

Besides, the Ministry of Primary and Mass education also started teaching lessons through the television started. Later, UNESCO came forward to start the process of wireless/radio teaching.