DOUR: Bankers run marathon for a social cause

Banking is all about serving the people. Bankers always strive to find out ways how contribute to the economy, guard people’s savings, help them to prosper and include them in the development of the nation. However, they also have another role to play. They go beyond their banking duties, come out of their desk and serve the people and community with love and care. Often, they come forward to respond to the call of humanity. 

What’s more noble than to raise fund together and donate the amount to the charitable organizations. This is their way to serve the people and society! It all started in 2011 when BRAC Bank pioneered the idea of a fundraiser marathon, a first in the country, inspiring all employees to voluntarily donate for the social cause. The bank commits to match the amount 100% from its CSR fund and the total amount is then donated to the charitable organizations.

 Since then they run in Agargaon around the parliament and in Hatirjheel. Whenever they run, the philosophy of standing beside the less fortune of the society remain same.   Every year they organize the run full of passion and unwavering commitment, symbolizing the very brand promise of BRAC Bank. Over the last nine years, DOUR has created a distinctive mark as an employee-initiated CSR initiative.

It has also led to development of running habit among the corporate executives and young people who are conscious about health and welling. Initially planned only for BRAC Bank officials, DOUR is now open to all, a gesture to involve the community and serve the people together. Now DOUR has earned a place in almanac of sports and running enthusiasts in Bangladesh. 

This year, the bankers will brave the morning fog and cold and run for the humanity on February 14, 2020 in Hatirjheel. 

BRAC Bank has donated more than BDT 1 crore to the charities and distributed one lakh warm clothes under DOUR initiative. Social organizations like Diganta Memorial Cancer Foundation, Association for the Aged and Institute of Geriatric Medicine, Protibondhi Foundation, Subarta Trust, ThalassaemiaSamity, CRP-Savar, Rights & Sight for Children, Deepshikha School, Changing Diabetes in Children-BIRDEM etc. are now better off after DOUR contribution.