DoE Office ransacked by miscreants in Rajshahi

Published : 31 Dec 2020 08:11 PM

Unidentified terrorists ransacked the building of the divisional office of the Department of Environment at Aleef Lam Meem Bhata area under Chandrima Police station on Tuesday late night. 

The terrorist  about 20 in a gang entered into the office of DoE by breaking the lock and ransacked window-panes, doors, furniture and a private car at the ground floor of the building on Tuesday night. 

Police and local people said, they have no idea who was behind the attack but they opined, some influential quarters might attack the ground floor of the four-storied building to take possession of the land on which the building is situated and that is why police did not nab the terrorists even after visiting the site. 

Even after knowing the names of the terrorist gang members, the owner of the house did not agree to disclose their names because of utter panic and insecurity.

Owner of the house informed, at late night of Tuesday, some 20 terrorist gang members attacked the building. The divisional Office of the Department of Environment is housed in the ground and the first floor of the building while the owner of house Dil Afroz Zulia and her husband Advocate Amanul Haque live in the second and the third floor with their family members.

Eye-witness sources said, the armed terrorists entered into the building by breaking the lock of the main gate. Then they snapped the telephone and the internet lines of the building. Afterwards, they ransacked glass window panes of the ground and the first floor with iron-rods. They also attacked and ransacked the windows and doors of the second floor and badly damaged a private car belonged to the owner of the house. By resorting to massive terrorist activities for about an hour, the terrorists managed to leave the spot on motorbikes.

Later, a team of police arrived on the spot. On Wednesday noon, high-ups from Rajshahi Metropolitan police also visited the spot.

Officials and employees of DoE informed, after arriving at office in the morning, they found the lock of the main gate of office is broken and there was not a single window-glass pane intact. Terrorists also damaged an air conditioner of the office. They said, they were suffering from the sense of insecurity following the incident.

Monir Hossain, Deputy Director of DoE, Rajshahi expressed his inability to make any comment about the attack. He added the owner of the house informed him some vested quarters were active to take possession of the building and the adjacent land. 

Owner of the house Dil Afroz Zulia and her husband Amanul Haque said refused to mention names of the attackers even after knowing them. They went out of their houses soon after the incident and till Thursday noon, they did not return there.

Amanul Haque informed through mobile phone that the terrorists attacked and ransacked the building for about an hour. They were saved some how from their grip. He added, he has seen the attackers but failed to identify any one. He sought security of his and his family members lives to the police. 

Local people informed, there is a large mass of land including Alif Lam Meem Bhata Building and the surrounding areas which is owned by a non-Bengali family. The lands and the building being situated beside the highway, are costly and only one owner of the building now lives in the building. Due to lack of security, other owners of the building and the land live in Dhaka and other places of the country.

Sirajum Munir, Officer-in-charge of Chandrima Police station informed, the incident of attack is true. Doors and windows of the building have been ransacked. He further said, he asked the owner of the building to file a complaint in this connection but he did not submit any written complaint so far.