Do not indulge in corruption: ACC Commissioner

Anti-Corruption Commissioner Dr Md Mozammel Haque on Saturday urged personnel who are working to combat corruption to not get involved in corruption.

They themselves must save themselves from any corrupt practices. He said this while addressing as chief guest at week-long workshop at DMP Media Center in the capital.

ACC and Counter Terrorism and Transnational Crime (CTTC) unit of Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) jointly organized the programme.

He told the ACC officials not to get involved in corruption. We should not make any error in investigation and working procedures, he further urged.

If we do not commit mistakes and do not get involved in corruption, our convictions will increase and people trusts on us will enhance, he stated.

Combating corruption is a movement. However, this movement cannot be continued alone. We all must work together. If police stays beside us, we feel ourselves stronger, the ACC boss continued. Once upon a time, people used to make fun of ACC. Now the time has u-turned. Now there is no chance of making satire against ACC, he continued.

While addressing as special gust DMP Commissioner Md Shafiqul Islam said, “Both CTTC and ACC work to find the sources of illegal money, where these money go and from where it comes, using sophisticated technologies.” He also said it is vital to know where the money goes in money laundering cases. It is a very complex process. It is very tough to trace the transactions of illegal money, he opined.

He urged new officials to learn technology for enhancing capacities to combat corruption. Senior ACC and DMP officials were also present at the inaugural program.