DNCC to start eviction drive on footpaths from today

Commuters are facing the worst situation in capital Dhaka as its all footpaths remain occupied illegally under the very nose of the authorities concerned.

Besides, as the work on metro rail project is progressing fast in the city, it narrowed the space of the roads adding salt into wound of the commuters.

Both Dhaka South City Corporation and North City Corporation on several occasions launched drive against the hawkers and other small traders, who occupying the city’s footpaths, are running their business illegally.

But after the drive, the hawkers and other small traders returned to the footpaths and started their illegal business. As a result, all efforts taken by the two city corporations were going in vain.

But as per the government high command order that none will be spared from the government’s tougher stance against the persons who would be found involved in any misdeeds, illegal occupation, corruption and other wrong doing, the authorities concerned is going to launch massive drive against those who occupying the footpath are running illegal trade.

Earlier, DNCC conducted drives at its territory which were occupied again.  DNCC conducted drive at Gawsul Azam Sarak, Notun Bazar, East Rampura, Progoti Sarani, Tejgaon industrial area, north side of Ananda cinema hall, Mirpur 1, Mirpur 10, Gabtoli, Sonagaon Janapad, Bangla Motor, and Mohakhali bus terminal have all been re-occupied by encroachers.

Encroachers are running temporary trade by occupying parts of footpath is one thing and setting up permanent structures or hazardous devices like gas ovens on it totally obstructing it is a different proposition.

Apart from this, some are also 

Now, the DNCC officials have identified a total of 102 footpaths that are illegally occupied in different areas under its jurisdiction. The footpaths were identified by DNCC officials in a recent investigation from five different zones.

DNCC has selected some 39 illegal establishments at DNCC zone 1 [Uttara], some 12 establishments at DNCC zone-2 [Mirpur, Sector-2], some seven illegal establishments at Zone-3 [Mohakali], 

Besides, DNCC also selected seven illegal establishments at zone-4 [Townhall, Mirpur] and some 27 illegal establishments at zone-5 [Karwanbazar, Farmgate, Panthopath and Dhanmondi].

The eviction drive will start from zone-1 in Uttara. Monitoring cells, which consist of six members including councillors and officer-in-charge of the respective police stations, have been formed at different wards. The drive will continue till October 30, said DNCC sources. According to sources, Mayor will inaugurate the eviction drive on Sunday from Sorok O Janapod in capital’s Uttara area. 

About the eviction drive, DNCC Mayor Atiqul Islam recently said at a meeting, “We construct footpaths for the convenience of pedestrians, but various illegal businesses go on surrounding these footpaths. We will start eviction drive against encroachers and illegal occupiers from September 22. No one will be allowed to occupy the roads and footpaths.”    Mentioning the current situation of footpaths, the mayor said, “Councillors blame police and police blame councillors for such a situation. However, if we work together, we can overcome it.” Mayor also suggested finding out whether any councilors or police officials are patronising illegal occupiers.