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DMP arrest 6 fraudsters

Published : 27 May 2023 01:54 AM

Dhaka Metropolitan Police arrested six members of fraudulence group in connection with cheating with a physician in the capital Dhaka in the name of exchanging foreign currencies.

The arrested were identified as MdLiaqat , 35 and his associates MirazTalukdar, 50, Ahad Sheikh, 58, HaiderMridha, 57, Mafizul Mia, 35 and ImaratMolla, 61 in Dhaka.

DMP’s Deputy Commissioner Mohammed Shahidullah confirmed it on Friday.

According to the police, fraud gang paid a doctor with papers wrapped in a towel instead of Saudi Riyal as agreed upon and later fled with Tk 900,000.

After arresting them on Thursday, police said the gang has been carrying out such frauds in the name of selling foreign currencies for a long time.

MahbubulAlam fell, the doctor who fell for their trick, was the latest in a long line of preys and lost Tk 900,000.

Police said while the doctor was walking along Kemal Ataturk Avenue, an unknown person asked him where to exchange Saudi Riyal. The doctor showed him a nearby money exchange outlet and was requested to come along, and he complied.

After changing 100 Saudi Riyals to taka, the person told Mahbubul that he had another 900,000 Saudi Riyal and offered to give it to the doctor for only Tk 900,000.

Such a profitable rate immediately grabbed Mahbubul’s interest as his sister was scheduled to visit Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj. The person then passed his mobile phone number to him, along with his name  Siraj.

On Mar 1, Mahbubul received a call from Siraj who instructed him to go to ABC Tower at Kemal Ataturk Avenue with the money.

Siraj, who was accompanied by two others at the location, handed Mahbubul a bag there saying it contained 900,000 Saudi Riyal. Trusting the stranger, Mahbubul handed over Tk 900,000 and returned home in good faith.

When he opened the bag, Mahbuburrealised that he was fooled.

Mahbubul then filed a complaint with the Banani police, who then arrested Liaqat fromGopalganj on May 21.

Through information provided by Liaqat, police arrested MirazTalukdar, Ahad Sheikh, HaiderMridha, MafizulMiaand ImaratMolla in Dhaka.

The arrestees confessed to their crimes, the DC said.

We are taking legal steps against the arrestees, he added.