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Divorce rate increases in capital Dhaka

Published : 03 Sep 2019 08:13 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 03:52 PM

An increasing rate of extra marital affairs is leading to more divorces and separations, compelling many couples to suffer a period of psychological breakdown and deep emotional distress. Latest trend shows that the prevalence of divorce has been increasing in the capital in last few years, experts said. According to the two city corporations statistics in last seven years more than 69,000 divorces took place.

The number of divorce has increased in the capital as more than 730 divorce applications are being filed to the two city corporations every month. Those who have been affected by divorce completely agree that all family members are stressed by this process, experts said. At least twenty four divorce applications are being received by the two city corporations daily. Analyzing the data kept with the two city corporation, it has been found that most of the divorce seekers are women, which account for 70 percent.

Asked to know the key reasons behind such divorces, a woman, on condition of anonymity, told Bangladesh Post that her husband was engaged in extra marital relationship. She repeatedly warned her husband to refrain from maintaining such illegal relation but all went in vain. Later, she decided to go for a separation.

Another divorced woman claimed that her husband’s family members used to interfere in their day to day family affairs leading to altercations and often physical harassments. She also mentioned that her husband’s family members did not want her to continue her job. Sharing her views on this, Professor Sadeka Halim of Sociology Department of University of Dhaka said, "Now a days both male and female choose his or her spouse by recommendations of his or her family not by their will. Both a husband and a wife have a role to play in a new family. Parents should make rooms for them."

She also said that to skip divorces husbands and wives need to discuss everything with open mind as separation of parents casts an irreparable impact on children. Divorce affects a family economically, mentally and emotionally and it exhibits depression and anxiety. Clinical Psychologist and practitioner Anisur Rahman said, "There is no alternative to counseling for divorce seeking couples. Verbal dispute is a common matter among couples but they have to be careful while talking with each other,"

“Parents should remain careful while suggesting about couples’ issues. If there is any scope for solution other than divorce they should opt for it. In counseling psychologists never suggest divorce,” he added. Clinical Psychologist Anisur Rahman further said that, there are five common emotions people experience during the divorce process. They include denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.

Experts said that wrong mate selection, unmet emotional needs, families’ interference and dependency to families are more important factors.