Move to prevent hill cutting in Ctg

Dist admin erects warning sign boards on 26 hills

Published : 26 Dec 2023 08:21 PM

Chittagong district administration has taken an initiative to prevent hill cutting. So, it installed warning sign boards on 26 hills and at the foot of the hills, including the area adjacent to Bayazid Link road of the metropolis on Monday.  

At present, about 6,558 families are living in 26 hills, including 16 hills owned by various government agencies and departments and about 10 hills owned by individuals risking their lives.

Chittagong district administration has come to the field to implement the decision taken in the 27th meeting of the Hill Management Committee on August 8 and to implement the ban living on hill and hill cutting as per the order of the High Court Division of the Supreme Court.  The Chittagong district administration has warned that if the order of the Supreme Court is violated, strict action will be taken according to the Bangladesh Environment Protection Act 1995.

Chittagong Deputy Commissioner (DC) and District Magistrate Abul Bashar Mohammad Fakhruzzaman installed the signboards on these hills.  Additional Deputy Commissioner (Revenue) Md Abdul Malek, Revenue Deputy Collector Mazharul Islam, Hathazari Upazila Executive Officer ABM Mashiuzzaman, Kattoli Circle Assistant Commissioner (Land) Md Umar Faruq, Hathazari Assistant Commissioner (Land) Md Abu Raihan Chittagong City Sadar Circle Assistant Commissioner (Land) Khandaker Mahmudul Hasan, Agrabad Circle Assistant Commissioner (Land) Abdullah Khairul Islam Chaudhuri, Chandgaon Circle Assistant Commissioner (Land) Ferdous Ara, Bakolia Circle Assistant Commissioner (Land) AFM Shamim and Assistant Commissioner Plabon Kumar Biswas, were present on the occasion.

Deputy Commissioner Abul Basar Mohammad Fakhruzzaman said that the district administration is miking, distributing leaflets and increasing awareness through news and TV channels.  Already, a case against 30 persons for hill cutting is ongoing in the Environment Court and monitoring and regular mobile courts are conducted to prevent hill cutting.

He said, evacuation operations will continue for the safety of illegal residents in dangerous hills.  It is not possible to completely stop hill cutting with warning notices.  But seeing these notices, at least the public will be aware of the hill cutting.  If they see illegal encroachment and cutting of mountains, they can directly complain to the police station, environment department and district administration. Cases are being filed against those involved in mountain cutting.  Regular operations are also being conducted to clear illegal structures in the hills.

Necessary instructions have been given to the relevant government agencies to evacuate those living illegally in the hills on their own initiative.

The hills where the signboards have been installed include the hills adjacent to Linkroad and Jungle Salimpur, the foothills adjacent to Polytechnical Hot Station, the foothills adjacent to Fayazi Flower Milk in the Cantonment area, the foothills adjacent to Sholashar Station, the hills adjacent to Jheel No. 1, 2, 3 in Faizlake area, the hills adjacent to Motijharna and Batalihin, Bijayanagar, Batali Hill and Motijharna parts adjacent to Lake City residential area, Foothills adjacent to Feroze Shah Housing Estate, Foothills adjacent to Kaibolyadham Housing Estate, Tankir Hills adjacent to Amin Jute Mills Colony. 150 spots of Khas Khatian hills (adjacent to Jayantika Hill) in Uttar Pahartali Mauza. Akbar Shah Beltali Hill, Polytechnic College Hill, Lalkhan Bazar Jamiatul Uloom Madrasah Hill, Harun Khan Saheb Hill, Nasiaghona Area, Zoo Behind Hill, Madhushah Hill, Jalalabad  hills,  Nagin Hills, Mir Mohammad Hasan Hill, MR Siddiqui Hill, Miya Hill, Bara Fakir Hill (Raufabad & Oxygen) adjacent to Forest Research Institute.