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Display BB hotline number—16236–in a visible place

Published : 09 May 2023 11:03 PM | Updated : 10 May 2023 02:59 PM

If you are not satisfied with services from any banks or financial institutions you have a remedy from now on: 16236.

The Bangladesh Bank has asked all the banks and other financial institutions  to display its hotline number (16236) in a visible place along with the bank's own hotline number for providing banking services and resolving complaints quickly.

The Banking Regulations and Policy Department of the central bank had issued the instructions in this regard.

It is said that telephonic communication is playing an important role in accelerating digital banking activities in the formation of 'Smart Bangladesh'.

Telephonic communication is an efficient and time-friendly medium in addition to the written medium to provide better banking services and resolve complaints.

For this purpose, each bank has its own 'hotline' number. Also, the Bangladesh Bank has a hotline number (16236) for getting remedies for harassment in accessing banking and financial services or filing complaints against banks or financial institutions.