Disabled girl raped during robbery in Khagrachari

During a robbery at a house in Khagrachari, the robbers raped the mentally handicapped girl of the homeowner.

The incident took place at a house next to the Golabari Union Parishad office in the district town on Wednesday night (September 23).

The victim has been admitted to Khagrachhari District Hospital. Senior police officials have visited the spot.

Bindu Lal Chakma, the owner of the house, complained that the robbers broke down the door and entered the house while everyone was sleeping at night. Later, they tied the hands and feet of everyone in the house and looted the house. The robbers took three bhoris of gold ornaments, cash and a mobile set.

He said there were 9 robbers. All of them seemed to be almost the same age. At one stage of the robbery, in another room, they raped their mentally handicapped daughter (26) by tying a scarf on her hands, feet and face.

Officer-in-charge (OC, investigation) of Khagrachhari Sadar Police Station Golam Abshar told media that a case has been registered in this regard. The culprits will be found and legal action will be taken.