Dinajpur rail station becomes free of black-marketers, drug dealers

GRP OC declares war against drug and black market syndicate

For long, black-marketers of ticket were a nightmare for the passengers at Dinajpur Railway Station. The long-distance passengers, especially, were hostage at their hands as the demanded price of ticket at times were three to four times more than the actual price. But for the last few months, the passengers had got rid of the long-time problem, said locals.

During a spot visit at the station, this correspondent found no trace of ticket black-marketers at the station even after passing several hours. A number of passengers and locals at the station claimed that due to the sincere efforts of GRP thana police it has been possible to free the rail station of black-marketers and drug dealers.

They said it became possible under the dedicated leadership of officer-in-charge Md Abdul Halim Khan who joined the police station at Station Road on June 6, 2018. In less than a year, he successfully drove out the black-marketer syndicate and drug dealers out of the premises of railway station, setting example through arresting the black-marketers whenever they try to become active on the platform.

Talking to Bangladesh Post, sitting at his office the GRP OC seemed very happy over the achievements. “For a long time, there was a lot of criticism over the ticket black marketing. Since the joining, I started not only seizing the tickets from black-marketers but also arresting them,” he said, proudly adding that now the train tickets are at the counters all the time.

Moreover, the drug traders who used to operate their business on the platform and adjacent areas of the station are terrified now due to chronic drives conducted by GRP police.

During the time, the GRP police detained 38 alleged black-marketers. A number of 25 drug and black-marketing related cases were filed in 2018 after the OC joined the thana. So far 13 cases have been filed in the year 2019.

“I have declared war against the drug dealers openly saying that either I or the drug dealers would stay in this area,” the OC said.

“Other police members including SI Sumon, ASI Shahid, ASI Yaqoub, Constable Akhtar, Alamin and other members of GRP police provide all-out support to my drive against the drug dealers and black-marketers,” he said, claiming that the atmosphere around the station road is much better now than before.

Locals said that people of the area are now happy with the current activities of Abdul Halim Khan who helped ensuring a safe, secure and beautiful environment at the Station Road area.

The OC told the correspondent that a vested group of local influentials always try to create different kinds of inconvenience whenever any drug dealer, terrorist, ticket black-marketer or even a thief is detained.

But instead of numerous difficulties I am doing my duties will continue doing against all odds, the OC vowed.