Dinajpur General Hospital suffers for doctor crisis

The 250-bed Dinajpur General Hospital is failing to provide standard healthcare services to the patients due to crisis of doctors. Operation has been stopped almost for 40 days, as there are no surgeon specialists in the hospital. 

Dr Md Parvez Sohail Rana, Regional Medical Officer (RMO) of Dinajpur General Hospital, said that Dr Shila Ditya Shil and Dr Dijen Barman served the hospital as surgeon. But recently Dr Dijen Barman has left this hospital.

On the other hand, Dr Shila, who came at the hospital as surgeon, is working at Birol Upazila Health Complex.

Dr Ahad Ali, caretaker of the 250-bed General Hospital, said patients of emergency operation, including routine operation return home every day not getting service.

Mentionable, in DGH, there were about 57 major operations and 127 minor operations were conducted in May while 56 major operations and 138 minor operations were conducted in June.  On average 175 operations were conducted per month. But in last 1 month 10 days, no operation was conducted in the hospital for wants of surgeon specialist. 

I have informed the Health Department of Dhaka and the Ministry of Health in this regard, he added.

Dr Ahad Ali further said that about 23 of 58 doctors are serving here. 35 posts of various department have been vacant for long.

Those who are serving here are trying their utmost to provide services to the patients. But it is very difficult to provide quality health service with the shortage of doctor. Sufferers are demanding to solve the problem soon. They also ask interference of the authority concerned.