Digital farming for sustainable agriculture

Take measures to make the farmers tech-savvy

In the last decade, we have seen a significant development in our agricultural sector. Now in a bid to give it a new dimension and bring our agricultural sector to a whole new level, technological advancement is going to be introduced which will propel us towards food sustainability.

A new digital service named ‘Farmer Aid’ will be launched soon to get proper support, guidelines and solutions over farm related problems online. Our farmers nowadays face a lot of difficulties which they are not familiar with. Against this framework, it is essential to offer enough support to them.

This new digital agricultural platform in our country has 

the potential to make a positive impact on collective food 

production and also boost food security across the country

Farmers often need diverse information on crop cultivation. New crop diseases appear every now and then but most farmers lack information on how to tackle them. Therefore, the Farmer Aid service will help them in this regard as it will create a network where many will be able to share their experience, knowledge on farming to make it more productive than before.

However to implement this initiative successfully, the first challenge is the lack of technological knowledge among farmers. We don’t know the exact data regarding farmers’ use of smart devices and how many of them can use it for agricultural purposes. 

Therefore, to make the farmers more tech savvy, the government can arrange the use of technological devices on government administrative offices in various upazilas for the purpose of using the Farmer Aid platform.

This new digital agricultural platform has the potential to make a positive impact on collective food production and also boost food security across the country. This initiative will ultimately enable anyone to easily share their knowledge and experience in farming and livestock rearing.