Digital ACR on the cards

The system will help stop lobbying in promotion of govt employees

The government’s latest move to bring its officials and employees’ performance evaluation under the digital 

system will help promote the eligible candidates for promotion.

Besides, this system will also thwart any move by the government officials and employees in order to get transferred and promoted using political influence.

The change in the existing system will also stop irregularities in posting and promotion of officials and employees.

A story published in this daily on Friday says the government will introduce the Annual Performance Appraisal Report (APAR) system based on online instead of the existing Annual Confidential Report (ACR) system.

The new evaluation system will ensure 

transparency and accountability in the 

process of recruitment, transfer and promotion

Reportedly, the APAR will be introduced for the officials and employees from the ninth to second grades initially.

Lobbying has been part of the Bangladesh’s political system since long. Earlier on several occasions our prime minister expressed her resentment over hectic trend of lobbying among government officials and employees.

We hope when this system will be introduced, worthy, honest and diligent government officials and employees will be nominated for promotion to higher rank.

It is disconcerting to note that many government officials and employees, those who have strong political influential or blessings of their senior are involved in hectic lobbying to get promoted. As a result, the qualified, honest and dedicated officials and employees have been deprived of promotion for a long.

We believe the fresh APAR system will help stop lobbying for posting or promotion through illegal ways. After the prime minister’s approval, the public administration ministry recently has taken a number of pilot initiatives to implement the decision step by step.

And the technical committee has already started working on the digital evaluation system which is expected to be fully implemented from January 1 next year.

We hope the new evaluation system will also ensure transparency and accountability in the process of recruitment, transfer and promotion.