Diarrhoea cases increasing in Moulvibazar

Published : 20 Apr 2022 08:48 PM

The number of diarrhea patients is increasing in the hospitals of Moulvibazar. In the last 24 hours, 46 people have been infected with diarrhea in 7 upazilas of the district.

According to a daily notification issued by the District Civil Surgeon's Office on Wednesday, 46 diarrhea patients have been admitted to different hospitals in Moulvibazar in the last 24 hours. Among them, 10 are in 250-bed hospital, 1 in Rajnagar, 11 in Kulaura, 4 in Baralekha, 12 in Kamalganj, 6 in Srimangal and 2 in Juri upazila. 

Besides, 30 people have recovered in the district during this period.

According to the notification, 269 people have contracted diarrhea in eight days from April 13 to April 20. Besides, a total of 5,042 people have been infected with diarrhea in the last three and a half months in the district. At this time 4,960 people have recovered.

Doctors at the 250-bed hospital in Moulvibazar said that people of all ages, including children, are suffering from various diseases due to the sudden heat wave. Outbreaks of diarrhea can be exacerbated by a variety of problems, including drinking contaminated river water. 

At this time, boiled water, saline or more liquid foods and easily digested food should be consumed. Parents were also advised to keep their hands clean before feeding their children. Sampa Dev of Rajnagar came to Sadar Hospital with her only child. 

She said in a worried voice, “My baby has been suffering from loose motion for three days. I consulted a local doctor but my baby’s conditioned did not improve. Therefore, I came to the hospital. Now he is much better.”

Anil Garh from Mrittinga Tea Garden in Kamalganj said, “My six-year-old child suddenly started vomiting four days ago. Then I rushed him to the hospital and came to know about diarrhea. Now he is going through treatment.”

Dr KM Humayun Kabir of Sadar hospital said that the incidence of diarrhea has increased in Moulvibazar like all over the country. 

“Diarrhea is on the rise due to eating outside food and drinking contaminated water without following any rules and regulations. The matter has been discussed with the Civil Surgeon to deal with the situation. We have adequate stocks of medicines and saline,” he said.