Diarrhoea breaks out in Jhalokathi

Diarrhoea broke out in Jhalokathi as extreme temperature rose. Many people got admitted to local hospital with diarrohea. Due to scarcity of doctor at the ward, the nurses got pressured to treat them. 

Sources said, diarrhea patients have been increasing at alarming rate on jalokathi Sadar health complex along with three upazila complex for last 21 days.

Patients have to buy medicine and saline from outdoor for want of supply against demand. 

Estimated that, more about 700 patients got admitted at this hospitals from dated April 1 to 21. Everyday 35 to 40 patients got admitted to the hospitals with diarrhoea. 

Dr Golam Farhad said that they cannot provide proper treatment on pressure of coming patients. But they provided saline and medicines as primary level. 

Shyamol Krisno Haoladar, Civil Surgeon Jalokathi, advised the patients to take pure drinking water and fresh food and forbade them to run in the sun without emergency.