Dhaka world’s second most polluted city

Devise measures to improve the capital’s air quality

Published : 12 Jan 2022 09:15 PM

It is alarming to note that Dhaka continues to dominate the list of cities with the worst air quality in the world. Recently, Dhaka was ranked the world's second-most polluted city, as its air quality index (AQI) was recorded at 200 at 11am, which is considered ‘unhealthy'.

Dhaka has long been grappling with air pollution issues. Its air quality usually turns unhealthy during winter and improves during monsoon.

A report by the Department of Environment (DoE) and the World Bank in March 2019 pointed out that the three main sources of air pollution in Dhaka: Brick kilns, fumes from vehicles and dust from construction sites. During winter, the city’s air quality deteriorates sharply due to the massive discharge of pollutant particles from construction works, rundown roads, brick kilns and other sources. 

Air pollution consistently ranks among

the top risk factors for death and

disability worldwide

Air pollution consistently ranks among the top risk factors for death and disability worldwide. Breathing polluted air has long been recognised as increasing a person’s chances of developing heart disease, chronic respiratory diseases, lung infections and cancer, according to several studies.

Brick kilns are really harmful and toxic for our environment. In the long term, the government should take measures for limiting the operations of brick kilns and endorsing concrete blocks. 

New transportation system like the introduction of large and comfortable buses will add to the process of the return of the air pollution-free Dhaka. These new development and completion of construction projects like metro rail should gain speed, despite the consistent interruptions caused by the corona effects. With this new transport mode in place, the capital will be free of a large volume of its pollutions. Adding to that, the grimy factories in the capital should be shifted to far-away areas as they are the origins of many pollutants.