Dhaka-Washington ties see a new height

Published : 17 Jan 2024 10:48 PM

The maiden meeting between new foreign minister Dr Hasan Mahmud and US Ambassador Peter Haas held in the capital Dhaka will promote the bilateral relations to a new height in the coming days.

Washington will work closely with the new government of Bangladesh in the areas of commerce, climate change and Rohingya issue in the coming days. Peter Haas expressed his willingness to look forward in the coming months to working closely (with Bangladesh) to advance our mutual interest.

They (Hasan Mahmud and Peter Haas) talked about the future of the Bangladesh-USA relationship and how they will work together on issues of mutual area such as expanding business opportunities and Rohingyas. We also express our country’s desire to have a “strategic partnership” with the United States to further deepen the two countries relations by advancing common goals and mutual interest.

Washington will work closely with 

the new Bangladesh 

government in the areas of commerce, 

climate change and Rohingya issue

 In this regard, we think Bangladesh will  indeed enjoy the best of relations as its bilateral ties with the United States are wide-ranging and have historical roots. The two countries are continuing to meet the challenges of creating a favourable social, economic and environmental condition and to establish human rights specifically related to the “global” aspect. 

We believe as Bangladeshi will be hunger-free, poverty-free, developed and prosperous Smart Golden Bengal which was the dream of the Father of the Nation by 2041, the Joe Biden-led US government will play a vital role in this regard. Apart from these, Bangladeshi immigrants are now at an advantage ous position since the Biden administration plans to address and reform the issue. And there are possibilities of some positive changes in migration. 

On the Rohingya issue, we want to thank and show gratitude to the US government for its humanitarian support to Bangladesh to cope with the Rohingya exodus. We also think that the US will take the lead and bring the international community together to put enough political pressure on Myanmar to create conditions for sustainable return of the Rohingyas.