Dhaka University world ranking

Published : 07 Oct 2021 11:45 AM | Updated : 13 Feb 2022 03:35 PM


The University of Dhaka opened its doors to students in 1921, with Sir P. J. Hartog serving as the university's first vice chancellor.

The university currently has 13 faculties, 71 departments, ten institutes, seventeen dorms, three hostels, and more than 38 research centers. The University of Dhaka, as the country's pioneer and largest seat of learning, encourages students and the country's change processes through its educational and research facilities.

With the establishment of the People's Republic of Bangladesh in 1971, a new era in the university's history began. This has been a period of growth, expansion, and consolidation of previous accomplishments. The university has gained a key role in the region's academic endeavors.

The university was instrumental in the 1952 Language Movement, which resulted in the adoption of Bangla as the state language. Numerous students, lecturers, and staff members of the University of Dhaka gave their lives for the country's independence.

Just after Bangladesh's independence, the government promulgated the University of Dhaka Order 1973, incorporating democratic principles and autonomy into the institution.

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The University of Dhaka has grown to become Bangladesh's largest public university. The University Library, which is split across three separate buildings, is Bangladesh's largest, with 617,000 volumes.

Additionally, there is a medical center on-site with 24-hour service, a dentistry unit, an eye unit, an X-Ray facility, and two ambulances. Among the distinguished graduates are Muhammad Yunus, Bangladesh's sole Nobel laureate, as well as several Bangladeshi presidents, prime ministers, artists, journalists, and businessmen.

Explore data on the University of Dhaka's rankings

  • World University Rankings 2022: 801–1000th 

  • Asia University Rankings 2021: 351–400th 

  • Impact on Quality Education Rankings 2021: 801th+

The given rankings are based on the latest Times Higher Education’s “The World University Rankings”. The rankings would vary in different years. For instance, the World University Ranking of the University of Dhaka was 1001th+ in 2021. It was 1001th+ in 2020 as well. Fortunately, the ranking was good in 2016 with the 601-800th position.

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