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Dhaka to get more recreational spots

Published : 28 Aug 2021 09:27 PM | Updated : 29 Aug 2021 12:57 AM

Expenditure is increasing on the river bank protection project of four rivers in Dhaka to keep it livable and pollution-free.

The government is creating recreational spot for the city dwellers by building aesthetic structures along the four rivers around the capital city.

This move will also help revive the four rivers, check encroachment, protect the reclaimed lands, beautify the river banks and improve the environment.

Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority (BIWTA) is implementing the project titled “Installation of pillars, protection of banks, construction of walkways, jetty and other relevant infrastructures in the reclaimed land of Buriganga, Turag, Shitalakhya and Balu rivers (2nd phase)”

However, expenditure on four river bank land protection projects is increasing. The original cost of the project was Tk 848.55 crore. 

From there, the total expenditure has increased by Tk 332.55 crore and stood at Tk 1,181.82 crore. In this case, the cost is increasing by 39.21 percent. The term is also increasing by one year.

The project has been proposed to the Planning Commission.

Earlier, Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC) approved on May 22, 2018 for implementation from July 2018 to June 2022.

It has been learnt that it was proposed to include some new organs in the project, increase the cost reduction of some organs and revise the estimated cost of Tk 1,886.17 crore. 

The first Project Evaluation Committee (PEC) meeting was held on 7 September last year and the second on December 15 last year on the proposed RDPP (Revised Development Project Proposal).

The decision of the PEC meeting has been sent to the reconstituted RDPP Planning Commission. The restructured project cost Tk 1,181.82 crore.

A Planning Commission official said a meeting of the Project Evaluation Committee (PEC) was held on December 15 last year after receiving a proposal from the Ministry of Shipping. 

It has been recommended to present the project at the meeting of ECNEC as the recommendations given at that meeting have been complied with. 

In this regard, Mamun-al-Rashid, Member (Secretary) of the Physical Infrastructure Division of the Planning Commission in charge of the project, said, “If implemented, the project would prevent illegal occupation of the four river banks surrounding the capital Dhaka. So the project is approvable.”

According to the target of the project, the project includes 52km walkways, 409 benches for sitting, 1km keywall, two bridges, 19 jetties and 10,820 boundary pillars to prevent illegal grabbing of the rivers. 

Besides, three eco-parks will be set up along the rivers.

Meanwhile, the authorities have bought six long-boom excavators under the project. 

Of the project area, 20.85km is under the Dhaka River Port, 14.103km under the Tongi River Port and 17.05km under the Narayanganj River Port.

Project Director Nurul Alam said if the project is completed, the four rivers surrounding Dhaka will become a tourist spot and an ideal time spending place for river and nature lovers.