Dhaka gets smart U-turns

All rounded development is needed

A smart and well designed city is the blessing for all citizens as it provides much ease of communication. In this process the government is trying to give the capital Dhaka a makeover that will turn it into a smart and well planned city. In that continuation, Dhaka has gotten smart U-turns that will reduce traffic congestion and provide the much needed ease of access for key roads.

According a report published in this daily, Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) has taken an initiative to build 11 such U-turns at a cost of Tk 31.81 crore to ease the traffic gridlock in the city. Six of the U-turns have opened so far. The construction work of the rests is on in full swing. This augurs well in the sense that this new addition to the city’s infrastructure will substantially benefit the citizens and reduce traffic jam across the city.

We will only see the full 

potential once 

all U-turns are completed

Such swift implementation of the planned U-turns is commendable on the DNCC’s side. This shows the promptness and well execution of a feasible plan that resulted in reduction of traffic congestion. However, we will only see the full potential once all U-turns are completed.

Above all, we hope that the new infrastructure will help us achieve the highest level of service from the communication system of the capital. Let the new implementations be modeled for all the metro cities of the country to follow and adopt so that all rounded development can be achieved.