Dhaka, Delhi can achieve greater trade synergies

Says FBCCI chief in meeting with Indian envoy

Highlighting the earlier call for Bilateral Value Chain Initiatives™ (BVCI™) in knowledge transfer and value chain resources from India to maximize Bangladesh’s production competitive advantage, Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industries (FBCCI) President Sheikh Fazle Fahim expressed his confidence over next tier bilateral trade relations with the support of the newly appointed Indian High Commissioner (HC) Vikram K Doraiswami.

During a visit by the new Indian HC at the renovated FBCCI ICON 60 Mothijeel, Fahim said, “Bangladeshi exports, joint-ventures (JVs) in automobile, motorbike components manufacturing, quantum computing, quantum internet, start-up ecosystem, cyber security, skills, digital equipment R&D and production among others are best ways to achieve shared prosperity for India, Bangladesh and beyond.”

The FBCCI president also shared Honourable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s stimuli and FBCCI’s role in its execution, the federation’s exhaustive consultation with both domestic and global strategic partners, the federation’s engagement from the frontline entailing economic opening with sustainability prioritized in the first year and recovery in next two with the HC. Furthermore, social endeavours of food programmes, relief funds, healthcare products during Covid-19 for front-liners throughout the country- that were contributed on behalf of the private sector of the country- were also highlighted.

The HC was also updated about FBCCI Impact 4.0, entailing FBCCI ADR Centre, FBCCI Tech Centre, FBCCI Skill Lab, FBCCI Institute, FBCCI University, FBCCI Economic Applied Research Centre, Multipurpose Workshop/Seminar/Skills Auditorium, and the federation's capacity enhancements with globally top-rated organisations for the private sector of our country towards a roadmap to LDC with extended privileges, SDG 2030 and 2041. “Many Indian institutions have organic alignments for institutional partnership with FBCCI on our Impact 4.0 initiative which are being explored,” He said.

“No two nations have inseparable ties of heritage and humanity like ours. We will be engaged closely to address trade related issues that contradicts our heritage of humanity and our leaderships’ vision of complementary cooperation”, He further added.

Fahim also assured of being actively engaged in growth of Bangladesh’s exports, JVs, and prospective increase in value chain inputs from India.

Vikram Kumar Doraiswami said “Bangladesh has made tremendous progress in food sufficiency, vaccine production, generating resources etc. Major political problems have been resolved between the two countries. We may move forward for a bigger partnership in economic cooperation to integrate the relationship.”

Doraiswami highlighted the cooperation of India to Bangladesh in the areas of logistics, garments, agri- business, API, pharmaceuticals, automobile, environment friendly public transport, etc. He also mentioned the direct linkage of waterways and railways for trade facilitation between Bangladesh and India.

Bishwadip Dey, Deputy High Commissioner and Pramyesh Basall, Commercial Officer, alongside FBCCI Vice-President, Mr. Md. Rejaul Karim Rejnu, CIP; and FBCCI Directors Mr. Sujib Ranjan Dash, Mr. Md. Munir Hossain was also present during the occasion.