Dhaka city corporations continue drives against illegal occupation

City Corporations in Dhaka have continued to free the capital from all types of illegal cable lines and illegal occupation in roads and footpaths, turning it a modern, livable and smart city gradually.

On July 31, Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) Mayor Barrister Sheikh Fazle Noor Taposh announced to build a modern and beautiful Dhaka by removing all types of illegal infrastructures and cable lines.  

After the announcement DSCC started a mobile court drive against illegal television cable lines set up haphazardly around DSCC areas from August 5.

About the drive DSCC Mayor Barrister Sheikh Fazle Noor Taposh on Monday (August 10) said, “We will remove all kinds of wires except necessary one. Our mobile court will continue drive against illegal television cable lines. Dhaka South City will be freed from cables by December.”

“Illegal cable line have been set up more haphazardly in old part of Dhaka. When our team conduct drive, it takes time to remove wires because they have to be removed one by one. It takes all the day to remove wire from an area,” he added.

About the illegal occupation in footpaths and roads, the mayor said, “At first, we will remove illegal infrastructure from footpaths of main roads. After that we will conduct drive in lanes and by-lanes in phases.” 

Meanwhile, on the day, DSCC mobile court conducted drive against illegal cable in Dhanmondi area led by DSCC executive magistrate MdMoniruzzaman.  

Another mobile court led by Executive Magistrate Irfan Uddin conducted drive against illegal infrastructure in front of the Dhaka Medical College, Anadabazar and Bangabazar area.

Earlier on the first day (August 5), two mobile courts conducted the drive at Dhanmondi and Jhigatola bus stops and adjoining Nagar Bhaban area.

A mobile court led by DSCC's Executive Magistrate Moniruzzaman pulled down illegal cables on Mirpur Road stretching from City College to Labaid Hospital and Jhigatola Bus Stop.

Another court led by Executive Magistrate Irfan Uddin Ahmed pulled down illegal cables at Bangabhaban, Gulistan and Fulbaria areas.

The drive started after directions from DSCC Mayor Sheikh Fazle Noor Taposh on the basis of Cable Television Network Operation Act-2006, said Moniruzzaman.

According to the Cable Television Network Operation Act, cable operators will have to take written permission from local offices of utility service providers of the government, semi-government or autonomous bodies to use their structures, the press release added.

According to the law, a person will have to face punishment of up to two years imprisonment, a fine of between Tk 50,000 to Tk 1 lakh, or both if they breach the law.

On the second day of the drive against illegal cable and internet lines set up haphazardly around Dhaka, DSCC conducted drives in Dhanmondi and Fulbaria areas.

Two mobile courts also evicted illegal structures from footpaths and roads.

A mobile court led by Executive Magistrate Irfan Uddin Ahmed pulled down illegal cables in Fulbaria area.

The court also evicted around 50 illegal structures from Fulbaria and Gulistan areas and a political office constructed illegally at adjoining Udayan Market of DSCC in Gulistan.

“We will continue our drive as per instruction of the DSCC mayor,” he said.

Another court, led by DSCC Executive Magistrate Moniruzzaman, pulled down illegal cables adjoining RabindraSarani and at Dhanmondi Road-7.

Moniruzzaman said they will resume their drive at other parts of Dhanmondi and Hazaribagh.

About the drive, Anowar Hossain Anu, president of Bangladesh Internet BeboshayeeSamity, said they welcome the move by the city corporation as they also want to set up their cable underground.

“We have already sent a letter to the mayor, requesting some time. We want to shift our lines underground and we want to set up it following the mayor's plan,” he said.