Dhaka bands set the stage on fire

Published : 03 Dec 2022 08:12 PM

In the frenzy of the World Cup, a music festival took place in the shape of a concert on Friday; The band stars made the audience groove and jump to their songs.

As soon as the line 'Aami taray taray was uttered from the presentation stage, the audience started cheering in unison with Nagar Baul, James, Guru. Then there is no more to understand that the rock star is coming to the stage.

In the concert which started at 2:30 PM, James' Nagar Baul came on stage at 9:00 PM. After five minutes of preparation, James stood on the stage in that familiar manner and first sang 'Kobita’

Thousands of viewers joined their voices with their favorite singer. They began to dance more and more to the beat, singing their hearts out; Spectator frenzy spread throughout the stadium.

The concert of thousands of spectators froze before James took the stage. On this day, it was as if a star mela of band music was sitting on the stage of the Army Stadium. The band lovers met at Dhaka's army stadium before noon.

Bangladesh Musical Band Association (BAMBA) and Channel I announced last December 1 as 'Band Music Day' in Bangladesh. It was decided to organize this concert on the following Friday as part of the celebration of this day. The concert was organized under the title 'Bamba-Channel I Band Music Fest-2022' powered by Gun Bangla.

The concert started at 2:30 PM with the performance of the Vikings band. Then Pentagon, Obscure, Feedback, Power Surge, Untitled, Maqsood Dhaka, Renaissance, Dalchut, Cryptic Fate, Authohin, Nagar Baul, Souls, Miles, Artsell, Wharfage beat the audience by singing one song on stage.

Later James sang 'Sundaritma Amar', 'Meera Bai', 'Pagla Hawa'. The 45-minute performance ended with James' popular song 'Vigi Vigi' sung in Bollywood movies.

In the concert from noon, Shironalhin performed Obelay as a tribute to late star Ayub Bachchu and ended their performance with 'Haseemukh'.

According to Channel I and Bamba, the day will be celebrated every year on December 1 and the concert will be organized on the first Friday of December.

Bamba president Hamin Ahmed said, "Ayub Bachchu is here but is still there in our memories. Band Music Day was started with the dream that this man had. Congratulations to those who have been with him since the beginning of that journey.”

Hamin Ahmed also announced plans to organize concerts across the country to celebrate Band Music Day.

Ayub Bachchu, one of the pioneers of Bengali band music, proposed to the managing director of Channel Eye, Faridur Reza Sagar, 9 years ago, that every year on December 1, a concert should be held in the premises of Channel Eye in the presence of the best bands of the country and the day should be marked as 'Band Music Day'.

To implement this plan, 'Band Music Day and Concert' is being celebrated on December 1 at Channel I premises for the last 9 years. Bangladesh Musical Band Association (BAMBA) has joined forces with Ayub Bachchu's dream and Channel Eye initiative.