Development projects around Bhahmaputra River discussed

Published : 17 May 2022 08:57 PM

An exchange meeting has been held to demand development of the subject of Brahmaputra River excavation project. The meeting was held at the Shaheed Shahabuddin Auditorium of Mymensingh City Corporation on Saturday evening at the initiative of Mymensingh Divisional Association, Dhaka. 

Individuals took part in it at different stages. In the existing project, it is necessary to allocate funds for the planned excavation of the river Brahmaputra by widening it to a width of at least 200 meters and demarcating the boundaries of the Brahmaputra.

In addition, full implementation of the previous plan including installation of full-fledged vaults at Mymensingh branch of Bangladesh Bank, widening of roads within the city by four lanes, upgrading Mymensingh Medical College Hospital to 5,000 beds and Medical University in a short time. 

Demands were raised, including setting up of an engineering university, setting up of a medical college and university at Sherpur, construction of Joydebpur-Jamalpur double gauge railway, elevating the existing railway line inside the city. Strong demands were made on the government to implement the demands raised immediately. 

At the same time, the issue of movement in a regular manner is also discussed until the demand is met.