Derailed police officials must not be spared

Published : 17 May 2024 09:45 PM

A case was filed with Jashore district’s Judicial Magistrate’s court against Zahir Uddin, Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Keshabpur Police Station, for allegedly threatening to kill a fish farmer named Jahangir Alam in the crossfire when he refused to pay the extortion money to the police official. Jahangir Alam from Keshavpur upazila also filed 

the case against Mofizur Rahman Mofiz, the 

newly elected chairman of the upazila and 

one Selimuzzaman Asad of Altapol village in this connection.

It is alleged that the OC asked Jahangir Alam to come to the Keshabpur Police Station. As soon as he (Jahangir) entered the police station, the OC Zahir shouted at him, asking for extortion, it is alleged. According to Farmer Jahangir, the OC threatened him to kill in the crossfire as he (Jahangir) did not pay the extortion money. 

The district’s Judicial Magistrate Salman Ahmed has taken cognizance of the case and ordered police to investigate the matter and submit a report within seven days. 

The OC has been allegedly doing everything to help the organised crime syndicates since he joined the police station. Since his joining the police station, he has allegedly amassed a huge amount of taka from listed criminals, according to media reports.

It is worrying that some cops

 allegedly are helping the illicit 

drug traders in border areas 

in exchange of money.

Keshabpur Upazila, adjacent to the bordering area of Jashore, is known as a safe haven for criminals like smugglers, traffickers, drug peddlers and robbers.  Some kilometres along the border with India of this area has become a safe haven for them as they easily can smuggle Indian sarees, three-piece lehengas, other clothes, cell phone sets and spices alongside yaba tablet, phensidyl  and other drugs every day.  A section of police officials ‘misused their legal powers’ to gain financial benefits. In addition to drug dealers and local hoodlums, they allegedly target affluent local families and entangle them in false cases, or extort money from them by threatening them in different ways.

A police station is established to ensure the security of people, and businessmen and foil the attempted smuggling of anything especially in the border area. It is worrying that some cops are allegedly helping the illicit drug traders in border areas in exchange of money.

The cops on several occasions claimed that they are determined to root out smuggling in border area and ensure security of country’s people. But alleged corruption, immoral activities and various crimes conducted by a section of cops are tarnishing the image of the police department. Some derailed cops are allegedly involved in killing, raping, abduction, extortion, mugging, peddling drugs are also denting the reputation of the police department.

Several allegations against some cops have been submitted to the police headquarters. The criminal and illegal activities of some dishonest police officials have been embarrassing the police department in many ways. No one is above the law and policemen who have been involved in various crimes must not go unpunished.