Dengue panic must be contained

Doctors assure situation not the worst

The outbreak of dengue has been creating panic among the common public all over the country. Even though thousands have been admitted to hospitals to be treated with symptoms of dengue, there are expert who opine that the outbreak is still quite minimal and there is no need to be panicked. As a matter of fact, it is far from attaining the level of an epidemic. Recent reports published in this daily say that the outbreak of dengue was predicted by the World Health Organization (WHO). In that regard, Bangladesh is just one country which is suffering because of the aedes mosquitoes.

But being a country with a high population density, some problems are arising in the healthcare sector. The general populace is hurrying to the hospitals for dengue test at the subtle feeling of fever or body ache which are some of the symptoms of dengue but it can happen because of a number of other physical problems. This mass panic across Bangladesh has caused a deficiency in the stock of dengue testing kits in the hospitals. For this reason, when a patient who actually has dengue arrives at the hospital physicians cannot test it.

On another note, officials of Health Services opine that there were outbreaks of dengue previous year too but as this year the media coverage is getting quite extensive it is creating panic among the public. The authorities concerned have urged that people should wait and see for themselves if fever runs for a long time and only then people should consult a doctor. Until then it can be a number of other diseases which have similar symptoms to dengue. In this regard, there have been reports of typhoid and chikunguniya at some hospitals which people might mistake to be symptoms of dengue at a preliminary level and cause panic around them.