Dengue outbreaks in Rohingya camps

Published : 02 Jul 2022 08:08 PM

Number of dengue cases in the Rohingya camp guru in Cox's Bazar is increasing day by day. The number of dengue patients has reached an alarming rate.

In 6 months, more than 2,000 people have been infected and several of the people including a child died. Most of the patients are children. The number of dengue cases has been on the rise in 34 Rohingya camps in Ukhia Teknaf, Cox's Bazar. The number of victims is also increasing every day. 

Office of the Commissioner for Refugee Relief and Repatriation in Cox's Bazar Health Coordinator Dr Toha Bhuiyan said, January to June 19 To date, there are 1,821 Rohingya dengue cases he has taken. According to his data, 164 people in January, 9 people in February, 9 people in March, 56 people in April and 233 people in May contracted dengue fever. As of June 19, 1,321 people have been infected in Rohingya camps. 

On Thursday, Cox's Bazar Sadar Hospital caretaker Dr Mominur Rahman said a total of 69 dengue patients were infected in June has been treated. As of noon on Thursday, 25 people were infected with dengue fever. He said 11 of them were Rohingya.

Cox's Bazar Sadar Hospital Residential Medical Officer (RMO) Dr Ashikur Rahman said a Rohingya named Jisma (4) contracted dengue fever on June 23. One child has died. Jisma Kutupalong is in the D17 block of Camp No. 3 and shes is the daughter of Karim Ullah. Karim Ullah said his daughter was admitted to the hospital after contracting a fever. The girl died after vomiting blood.

Office of the Commissioner for Refugee Relief and Repatriation in Cox's Bazar Health Coordinator Dr Toha Bhuiyan is also suffering from dengue fever currently. Dr Toha said the Rohingya camps are densely populated. 8 to 10 people are living in once house. 

There is no adequate drainage system and the chances of breeding mosquitoes are high. For this reason, if one person has dengue, others are also at the risk of being infected. Besides, there is a lack of awareness among the Rohingyas. 

Awareness campaign is being carried out to increase the number of dengue tests. Besides, the local authorities have been asked to destroy the breeding place of mosquitoes where water has accumulated.

Dr Mahbubur Rahman, a civil surgeon in Cox's Bazar, said, "We have noticed an increase in the number of dengue patients in the Rohingya camps in recent times. Quick action including medical treatment is being taken in this regard.”