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Dengue claims another life, 85 patients hospitalised in 24 hrs

Published : 30 Jul 2022 09:58 PM | Updated : 31 Jul 2022 02:21 PM

Dengue claimed another life and 85 new patients were hospitalised in 24 hours till Saturday morning, according to the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS).

With this, the authorities recorded nine deaths from the viral infection this year. The latest death was reported from Cox’s Bazar district. 

Among the deaths, six were reported from Cox’s Bazar while three from Dhaka. 

Among the new patients, 72 were hospitalised in Dhaka while the 13 in other places, it said. 

As many as 332 dengue patients including 265 in the capital are now receiving treatment at hospitals across the country. 

On June 21, the DGHS reported the first death of the season from the viral disease. This year, the DGHS has recorded 2,580 dengue cases and 2,239 recoveries so far.

Dengue is the leading mosquito-borne viral disease in humans, caused by dengue viruses (DENV)—four genetically related but distinct genetic serotypes, groups within the dengue species of viruses that share specific surface characteristics. DENV belongs to the Flaviviridae family of viruses, most important vectors for viral transmission between humans and blood-feeding female Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus mosquitoes. The serotypes of the virus, DENV-1, DENV-2, DENV-3, and DENV-4 confer long term immune protection against subsequent infections with the same DENV serotype, however cross-protection to other serotypes after recovery is only temporary. Individuals who are infected a second time by a different dengue serotype may experience "antibody-dependent enhancement" in which the body's immune response actually makes the clinical symptoms of dengue worse and increases an individual's risk of developing severe dengue.

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