Demolish unauthorised buildings

Published : 27 Feb 2024 08:51 PM

Now all concerned should give attention to turning the capital city of Dhaka into a modern and livable city immediately. So, they all should keep in mind some important issues including residential and commercial use, presence of hospital, schools and colleges, sports grounds, utility service, communication system and shopping malls.

Therefore, everything must go according to plan. But unplanned and unauthorised construction of multistoried high-rises have now become a serious threat to city dwellers.

These buildings are being constructed without any approval and approved designs. According to a media report, 61.32 percent of buildings in the capital were constructed violating building code of Rajdhani Unnayan Kartripakkha (Rajuk). Out of 5.17 lakh buildings under its (Rajuk) 1,528 square kilometre jurisdiction, 3.17 lakh were found flouting approved designs of Rajuk.

On the other hand, about 20 thousand new buildings are being constructed every year. Of them, 11 thousands do not have approval from Rajuk. Besides, more than 16 lakhs illegal structures mostly semi-pucca houses are in the capital. We think no one should be allowed to construct buildings illegally and in an unplanned way. New buildings should be constructed in the city ensuring the capital is a livable city. And it should have all civic amenities with planned infrastructure.

61.32 percent of buildings

 in the capital were constructed

 violating building code 

We the city people always have to face waterlogging, traffic congestion, and shortage of playground and parks in the city due to indiscriminate and unplanned construction of buildings everywhere.

The Rajuk must conduct an eviction drive in the city and remove unauthorised buildings. The drive should continue against all un-authorised buildings, restaurants and constructing shops and ramps across the city.

However, it seems that the Rajuk is not interested in taking actions against the irregularities in the buildings that are undergoing construction, violating the rules. It is alleged that the some officials of Rajuk are allowing the construction of risky building in exchange for hefty amount of money.

In this regard, we are calling upon the local lawmakers, all political influential and people from all walks of life to force the concerned authorities to launch crackdown against unauthorised buildings. We acknowledged that the capital cannot be transformed into beautiful and liveable city overnight but an initiative can be taken immediately.