Demarcation dispute halts Tarash municipal, UP polls

Published : 01 Aug 2022 08:35 PM

Even after the completion of the three election periods of Tarash, the Tarash Sadar and Naogaon Union Parishad (UP) and municipal elections of Sirajganj were not held due to border complications. It is known that these elections are not being held due to the complexity of municipal boundaries. For this reason, Upazila Nirbahi Officers (UNOs) in the post of mayor and councilors are managing the activities of the municipality. Those concerned said that work is being done to solve the complexity of demarcation. This problem will be solved soon.

According to upazila election office sources, on December 31, 2017, the newly formed Tarash municipality was formed with 9 wards of Tarash upazila Sadar and its surroundings. The number of voters is 16 thousand 116. And since the beginning of the formation of the municipality, UNOs have been performing duties as municipal administrators.

Meanwhile, the total number of female voters in Tarash Sadar Union is 10 thousand 511 and male 10 thousand 296. And the last election of chairman and members of this union was held on 23 April 2016. Accordingly, the term of elected representatives of this union has expired on 2nd September 2021.

Total female voters in Naogaon union are 10 thousand 578 and male 10 thousand 186. The last election of the chairman and members of this union was held on April 23, 2016. Accordingly, the term of those elected in this union has expired on July 27, 2021. After that, almost a year has passed since the expiry of the term in both the unions, but no further elections were held.

Chairman of Tarash Sadar Union Parishad, Babul Sheikh, said that the development of the area is being hindered due to the absence of elections in two unions including Tarash Municipality. He demanded that municipal and union council elections should be held quickly after resolving the border complications.

Upazila Election Officer Ujjal Kumar Roy said, 'To determine the boundaries of Tarash Municipality, the addition and subtraction of the boundaries of some wards of Tarash Sadar and Naogaon Union has created complications. Due to this, the election was not held even though the term of chairman and members of No. 6 Tarash Sadar and No. 5 Naogaon Union Parishad expired. We are working to resolve the complexities of demarcation of Tarash Municipalities with a view to speedy elections.