Demand to stop investing on fossil fuel stressed

Published : 03 Mar 2023 08:18 PM

Various development and social organizations have called for the demand to stop investment in fossil fuels in Noakhali and increase investment for renewed power in Noakhali under the title 'Global Climate Strike-2021'.

Various programs were organized at the district central Shaheed Minar premises on Friday morning.

In the morning, they staged a procession in various slogans on various aspects of climate change. In collaboration with ActionAid, the Service for Human Being Organization (SHBO) and Activista Bangladesh organized the program. Hundreds of activists of various organizations, including Noakhali Cyber Warriors, Enlightened Humanities Organization, Dream Light of Help Center and Friend Blood Donor Noakhali participated in the solidarity.

 Representatives from various organizations including Fahida Sultana, Saidur Rahman Raihan, Parvez Mollah, Bashar Siam spoke on the program.

Speakers said fossil fuel is one of the reasons for increasing global disintegration and acts as an influencer for rapid climate change. The rate at which the fossil fuel uses constantly in the mill factories, power generation and transport sectors is increasing significantly. The speakers called for a Bangladeshi to protect the climate and fuel, demanding that the projects damaged at the same time and demanded investing in sustainable projects without investing in fossil fuel.