Delta Plan to increase 1.5pc GDP: Experts

There is no alternative but implement the Delta Plan to increase 1.5 percent GDP growth in the country, a BUET report said. This statement was made at the inauguration of the inquiry report of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) on Delta Plan 2100 at the NEC conference room in Sher-e-Bangla Nagar on Thursday.

Planning Minister MA Mannan and Senior Secretary of the Planning Commission Dr Shamsul Alam also were present on the occasion. Shamsul Alam said that, “‘If Delta Plan 2100’ is not implemented; the country will fail to achieve the target to be a poverty-free nation by 2027.”

Besides, the country’s GDP growth will reduce by almost 1.30 percent, he added. The Delta Plan is a science-based centennial economic plan, he said adding that, if this delta plan is implemented properly, the country's GDP growth will increase by 1.50 percent. Shamsul Alam said, “According to the report, currently we have 139 holders. Many of them have been destroyed due to lack of maintenance.” “We have 4 hotspots to control flood in our coastal areas that was made 4 meters high earlier, but it will be raised 6 meters high,” he mentioned.

He said, “Forestry is very important in the sea’s areas to protect from cyclone and tidal waves.” Planning Minister MA Mannan said that, “We need to use own resources and talent to implement different projects. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina always like to do that. If anyone would like to assist in this matter, we would welcome them.”

He said, "We do more in terms of planning including annual Plan, five year plan and centenary plan to achieve developed country status.”
“It will help to find out problems and developed our economy by solving different problems.” Planning is constantly updating our ideas, he said adding that, we are getting benefits by implementing it.

Regarding the construction of the dam in Haor, the Planning Minister said that, “The government has built dam for several years to protect our cultivation.” This dam will protect our crops, which help the country’s production, he added. Professor of Water and Flood Management Department of BUET Mansur Rahman and officials of Ministry of Planning and ERD were also present on the occasion.