Delta Plan 2100

A tool to fight climate change

It is encouraging to note that   a new  initiative has been taken to accelerate the pace of implementation of the much-talked-about ‘Delta Plan-2100’. Reportedly, the government has undertaken 80 new projects to accelerate the execution process of Delta plan 2100.

For many years, Bangladesh has been facing a number of delta related challenges in the form of frequent natural hazards, salinity intrusion, sea level rise, and so on. 

Thus already Bangladesh has gone through a high pressure on its land and water resources. It is also to note that Bangladesh as a delta country has had some privileges nonetheless.

In a bid to deal with issues like climate change, water resources management and so many others, the government approved the fifty to hundred years’ long 'BDP 2100' in September last year.

We envisage that ‘BDP 2100’ will enable the country to deal with climate change in a more efficient and strategic way. Most importantly, ‘BDP 2100’ will help the country reclaim a big mass of land from the Bay of Bengal.

BDP 2100’ will enable the country to 

deal with climate change in a more 

efficient and strategic way

Hence it can be hoped that the proper implementation of the project will be the key to tackle climate change-induced challenges. 

After implementing its own delta management plan, Netherlands reclaimed 6,000 square kilometres of land and the country is now assisting Bangladesh in executing the plan. 

However, following the Netherlands, Bangladesh should also try to reclaim a big mass of land from the Bay of Bengal through implementing ‘BDP 2100’. 

Every year rivers from Himalayas bring tonnes of sediments while crossing Bangladesh, which earlier gave birth to some 1,000 square kilometres of land. 

Experts envisage that through this process in the next 50 years Bangladesh can reclaim at least 1,000 square kilometres naturally. However, it is said that with the use of new technology, Bangladesh could speed up the accretion process as the Netherlands did.