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Delicious Moolicious

Published : 06 Aug 2019 06:42 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 10:16 PM

Moolicious, the very first Milkshake brand in Bangladesh is the pride of Dhaka's gourmet shake scene. The brainchild of four foodie friends, Moolicious is a tiny cute café in Banani, which is always packed with customers lined up to get their hands on one of their prized shakes.

The location and the products are perfect for a quick stop while shopping or to quench thirst and to cool down on hot summer days.

With more than 25 crazy alternating flavours, Moolicious is home to Dhaka’s newest and most tasty milkshake hub. This place knows just how to make a true milkshake lover happy.

Mustafa Shoeb, one of the owners of Moolicious said, “When you go to any restaurant in Dhaka, you get all kinds of cuisines, and somewhere on the menu, there is a milkshake as well, which is always more like flavoured milk. About 5-6 years ago, I don’t think people in Dhaka knew what an actual milkshake was.”

“So we four friends immediately saw a great business idea in selling authentic, high-quality milkshakes in Dhaka. Thus began months of research of what goes into building a business and creating a successful milkshake brand”, he added.

From the decadent chocolate-smothered Kit-Kat (BDT 250/310) to the rich and creamy Blueberry Cheesecake (BDT 290/350) shake, Moolicious has a treat for every kind of sweet tooth. The price of milkshake starts from BDT 190 and goes up to BDT 350. In addition to the classics, they also feature a special flavour of the day.

Moolicious has some of the old original classic delicacies like Butterscotch (BDT 210/270), Strawberry (190/250) and Mango (BDT 210/270), and also introduced new indulgent flavours like Mint Oreo Crumble (BDT 290/350), Caramel Popcorn (BDT 290/350) and Banoffee (BDT 290/350) targeting the younger generation.

Among fruity shakes, the appealing Alphonso Mango and Exotic Strawberry, both priced at BDT 270/330 are the big attractions.

The thick, creamy, slightly salty, lingering sweet, and buttery taste of Choco Peanut Butter (BDT 290/350) along with some chocolate to that, is enough to make one drool.

For those who are a bit jazzier Chocolate Hazelnut (BDT 250/310), Tutti Fruiti (BDT 250/310) and Oreo Cheesecake (BDT 290/350) infused with both flavor and creaminess are the perfect options.

From their strawberry flavoured Bubble Gum to tempting Kesar Badam, coming in at about BDT 250/310 a pop, Moolicious has something to offer no matter what your milkshake tastes are.

Appropriately named InstaShakes for their Instagram fame, their rose flavoured Melting Rose (BDT 250/310), the tropical Banana Pine Coco (BDT 290/350) and fruity Strawberry Fields (BDT 290/350) shakes are the stars of the show.

Trendy branding coupled with nostalgia is drawing crowds to Moolicious. Their smooth and consistently uniform milkshakes are the new talk of the town.

So, if you are looking for some InstaWorthy marvelous milkshakes, then you should head here. Behind every milkshake in Moolicious, there is a lot of dedication and passion.

The service is decent and the servers are fairly polite. Now, that I have listed all the reasons to go to this milkshake bar, what are you waiting for? Drop by to discover more.

Place –Moolicious, House 26, Banani 11, Dhaka 1213
Pocket Pinch – BDT 500 (for two)
Opening Hours - 2pm to 1am (everyday)