Deforestation, hill cutting continue

We all must work together to protect biodiversity

Published : 02 Nov 2023 09:15 PM

A global “peace pact” signed by more than 190 nations at the Montreal COP 15 summit in December 2022 pledged to protect nature and reverse decades of environmental destruction threatening the world’s species and ecosystems. That deal pledged to secure 30 percent of the planet as a protected zone by 2030, stump up $30 billion in yearly conservation aid for the developing world, and halt human-caused extinction of threatened species. According to the Forest Survey 2015-2019, the amount of Bangladesh’s green coverage was 22.37 per cent of its total area.

But, many areas of our country may face serious disaster as unscrupulous influential quarters continue destroying forests and cutting the hills in gross breach of environmental laws. The authorities concerned sometimes conduct raids to stop hill cutting and fine the influential people, who are involved in destroying forests and cutting the hills. 

Cases are also filed against the labours but the main culprits always remain untouched as they have an unholy nexus with the local administrations, it is alleged. Therefore, showing thumbs to the authorities concerned they are still destroying the forest and cutting the hills and selling soil for construction work, different national dailies ran stories in details in this regard. Several forests and hilly areas are being levelled by the organised influential quarter under the very nose of the local administration. These influential people and musclemen in association with local armed middlemen also issue threat to the people who protest the destruction of forest and cutting of hill. Different environmental issues, including hill cutting, leasing and grabbing of forest and hilly land were discussed widely in order to prevent such manmade disasters.

Deforestation and hill 

cutting pose a serious 

threat to the environment

But deforestation and hill cutting are still going on unabated in the name of housing as the demand for plots and flats in the hill area is very high. Many residential and commercial buildings, resorts and hotels have been developed, cutting down hills over the last two decades, with the authorities concerned turning a blind eye to this mindless act.

While we are very excited and charmed to see the natural beauty of the forest and hills, it is unfortunate to note that country’s most forest and hills are in very sorry state because of unabated hill cutting, tree felling and unplanned construction of structures.

So, the forests and hills are being destroyed due to mindless deforestation and earth cutting for lack of monitoring and effective action plan to protect those. 

Such unabated deforestation and hill cutting posed a serious threat to the environment in the hilly region. These forests and hills will be facing serious consequences in the future if ‘effective steps’ are not taken to check their ruination and ensure proper use of their lands and resources. The government must take necessary steps to stop hill cutting and deforestation and bring culprits to book immediately.