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Defence allocation needs to be increased

Maj Gen (rtd) Abdul Hafiz Mallik says

Published : 03 Jun 2023 01:10 AM

Hailing the proposed budget for FY 2024 Awami League Advisory Council  Member Maj Gen ( rtd) Abdul Hafiz Mallik said the budget allocation for defence sector should be increased gradually.

He said, “ Our defense budget is not enough at present.  Now- a- days, there is nothing secret. Everything is transparent. I think our defense budget is not enough for us. Allocations for  defense sector must be increased.”

Because, to make our land forces, air forces and navy more stronger, we need to increase defense allocations, he further elaborated.

The former senior officer of Bangladesh Army also said, if our present friendly neighbors in future come to attack on our sovereignty, our defense allocations should be increased so that we can give them proper response.

Our defense budget  should  make in such standard , he added.

He however said, it is not possible in a day. Slowly and gradually we should do that. Our Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is doing this very rightfully.