Deepika, Katrina to be in ‘Tiger vs. Pathaan’

Published : 26 May 2023 09:00 PM | Updated : 26 May 2023 09:00 PM

With no expense spared, the makers of the much awaited movie Pathaan Vs. Tiger are preparing for it to be a stunning smash. This film will star superstars Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan, who will shortly be joined by their respective leading ladies.

Deepika Padukone, who starred in Pathaan, and Katrina Kaif, known for her role in the Tiger franchise, will unite with the two Khans for the ambitious project, essentially locking in four of the biggest names in Indian cinema. 

This power-packed team is set to commence shooting on January 24, stated the publication. While the title of the film, Pathaan Vs Tiger, has generated speculation about a rivalry between the two characters, insiders reveal that the story will take an unexpected turn. Instead of depicting a clash between Pathaan and Tiger, the two spies will join forces to combat a common villain, offering audiences a thrilling twist. 

The upcoming venture will be helmed by director Siddharth Anand, who previously directed Pathaan, which marked the iconic reunion of Shah Rukh and Salman. Reflecting on their collaboration, Siddharth shared his experience with ETimes, saying, "They just had so much love for each other, there was just so much positivity, they wanted to give each other space rather than hog a scene or a sequence. They were selfless, and that just shows onscreen." 

The release date of this highly anticipated film has yet to be unveiled, keeping fans on the edge of their seats with anticipation. In addition to the star-studded cast and captivating storyline, speculations have been swirling about the involvement of Jason Momoa, known for his portrayal of Aquaman, as a formidable opponent for Salman and Shah Rukh's characters. While details about Jason's potential role remain undisclosed, his inclusion in the film promises to bring a new dynamic to the narrative.