Debashish Somadder, Back to Bappa’s music

Published : 11 Feb 2024 09:49 PM

The singer Debashish Somadder released a new song with a music video on Saturday evening at the Yamaha Flagship Center in Tejgaon in honor of World Valentine's Day. Prominent music directors Tanveer Hossain Prabal, actor and producer, Partha Majumder, Bappa Mazumder, Sandeepan Dash, and others seemed to congratulate the artist on the achievement.

The musician himself wrote both the song's music and lyrics, "Ekhon Nambe Shrabon." Bappa Majumder, a singer and popular music director, is in charge of the soundtrack. Amit Mallick handled the mastering.

Music directors found value in the lyrics of Debashish Samaddar. They claimed that although he may not be very active in the music industry, his career began in the 1990s. He sang a number of songs that were focused on living, and the audience's hearts were warmed. This singer has not released any music in the last few years because of personal issues. In the same year, he lost his younger brother, wife, mother, and father one after the other.

Debashish, having overcome the greatest adversities in life, is clinging to the song in an attempt to survive. Varadharmi made his debut in this trend with a romantic song after a while. The song is called "Ekhan Nambe Shravan."

The late artist's wife, Dr. N. K. Natasha, was an associate professor, social worker, and television news presenter (ICDDRB). The song is dedicated to her memory.

"This song is the essence of my lonely life," Debashish remarked. If the song is heard by the audience, I will be happy. We are grateful to Bappa Majumdar for writing the beautiful, catchy music. All proceeds from the song's music video will benefit the "Nature-based hospital." In the Barisal division's Bagdha village, Agailjhara upazila, a hospital is currently being built.

Bappa Majumdar commented, "The song is arranged with some great words," in reference to the song. He is a fantastic writer. This song of pure love, sung in his uncomplicated yet seductive voice, will appeal to everyone.

Roni Ahsan, a young director, directed the music video. Debashish's co-star in the video was the well-known actress Salha Khanam Nadia. Zulkar Ahmed Sayem was the cinematographer for the song, which was filmed in a variety of Rangamati locations. Aktarul Alam Tinu was in charge of the coloring and editing.

The song was made available on "Dev Sindhu," Debashish Samddar's official Facebook page and YouTube channel.