Death threat to Judge

Judges’ security must be ensured strictly

Published : 23 Oct 2023 09:22 PM

We express our deep concern about the “death threat” against Dhaka Metropolitan Sessions Judge Md Asaduzzaman, who sentenced Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) Acting Chairman Tarique Rahman and his wife Zubaida Rahman to prison in a graft case.

The Judge says two letters were sent to him on the afternoon of October 17 threatening to kill him. Later, a general diary was filed with Kotwali police station.

The address of the person who sent one of the letters is given as Zahir Uddin of Saudia Park City in Sherpur under Bogura. We think the death threat issued to a judge is a threat against sovereignty and judiciary, of Bangladesh.

Our Constitution guarantees the complete independence of judges in carrying out their judicial activities. Following the death threat, the government will have to give additional security to the judges. 

Besides, it must beef up security at all the courts across the country. We predict more threats from terrors will be issued in coming days. It is clear to all that BNP has not yet come out of the diabolical politics of killing and murder.

Besides, it is also very clear to all that the unidentified person, who made the death threat to the judge maintains constant communications with Tarique Rahman now absconding in London. So, the death threat proves that BNP is actually doing the politics of conspiracy.

This death threat reminds us of  banned Islamist militant outfit Jamaa’tul Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) and other extremists’ death threats to judges and senior lawyers in different courts during BNP-Jamaat rule between 2001 and 2006 across the country.  The two judges were killed on the spot in bomb attacks on the judiciary in Jhalakathi in 2005.

Death threat issued to a

 judge is a threat on 

Bangladesh sovereignty and 


Most lawyers and judges boycotted the courts to protest the killings in the court bombings in different districts including Jhalakathi, Gazipur and Chittagong. Besides, general people held protest rally across the country.

BNP and its leaders are giving shelters, patronising and financing the militants in the country and they (militants) are currently trying to rise up. The terrorists and fundamentalists are trying to rise up again with the patronisation of BNP. 

So, using militants the party can do anything to create chaos across the country under the leadership of Tarique Rahman. This is actually going on in the minds of BNP leaders and the party. The party high command is now using the unidentified person to issue death threat to the judge as part of its anti-state conspiracy. It is known to all that the BNP is traditionally a party of killers and its murderous character has been exposed time and again.

The blueprint of the BNP’s murder-coup and the politics of conspiracy have once again been exposed to the country's people by threatening to kill the judge. Therefore, all concerned have to pay more attention to Judges’ security aspect now.

Our Bangladesh is safe as it is in the hands of Sheikh Hasina. If our country goes to some other hands, the incidents of killings in the country will surface again, deviating from the right track and it will become champion in corruption again. So, there should be no compromise with the security of judges. 

Security measures for judges must be dealt with carefully in the future. Being imbued with the spirit of the War of Liberation, the pro-democratic and patriotic people should always be standly to save the judges.

In this regard, law enforcement agencies must identify and capture the unidentified phone caller immediately. We are also demanding exemplary punishment of the phone caller who gave a death threat to the Judge. Besides, those who threaten judges must be detected and brought to justice.