Death of a JnU female student

Where will the girls go for safety?

Published : 16 Mar 2024 10:12 PM

It is very shocking to hear that Fairuz Abontika, a law student of Jagannath University committed suicide by hanging herself and left a note saying she was being stalked and harassed sexually by her classmate Raihan Siddiqui Amman. She was also humiliated, tortured mentally and harassed in many ways by assistant proctor Din Islam.

It is clear to all that Fairuz Abontika was frustrated by the behaviour of her classmate and assistant proctor who deliberately harassed her sexually leading her to commit suicide. She took her own life at her home in Cumilla on Friday after posting the suicide note on Facebook.

Before her death, she accused her classmate Amman of sexual harassment, adding Din Islam defended Amman and threatened to expel her. “It’s technically a  murder, not suicide,” she said, describing how “her efforts to live on failed”. On Friday around 10 pm, Abontika first posted about her committing suicide post on Facebook. 

Abontika was frustrated by the

 behaviour of her classmate and 

assistant proctor who deliberately 

harassed her sexually leading her

 to commit suicide

In the Facebook post, Abantika mentioned that her classmate Amman Siddiquei of her same department and assistant proctor Deen Islam would be responsible for her suicide. In her Facebook post, Abantika wrote, “If I ever die by suicide, my classmate Amman Siddiqui and assistant proctor Deen Islam, who supported him, will be solely responsible for my death.‘

If any female student is humiliated and sexually harassed, she usually goes to the proctor’s office for safety on campus. But the assistant proctor did not cooperate with her, rather he threatened to expel her, it is alleged. 

We wonder when we see a university teacher who is also an assistant proctor instead of helping a student, issue a threat to expel her, he cannot be a teacher.  We do not want to call this person, who supported a stalker even after seeing everything, a human being. He is a monster.

If Raihan Siddiqui Amman and assistant proctor Din Islam go unpunished, the culture of sexual harassment will persist in educational institutions. We think the teacher who engages in such immoral and unethical activities and indulge in misdeeds he must be ousted from teaching profession.

We strongly protest the barbaric acts of Amman and Din Islam  that led a female student to commit suicide. We also demand trial of those involved in the acts of instigating a female student to commit suicide.