‘Dear Satyajit’ best film at Nepal Festival

Published : 01 Apr 2024 10:10 PM

In a heartwarming triumph, the Bangladeshi film "Dear Satyajit" clinched the top spot in the International Feature Film Director category at the esteemed 5th Nepal International Cultural Film Festival. The director, Proshoon Rahmaan, dedicated this remarkable achievement to the late veteran actor Ahmed Rubel, who played a pivotal role in the movie and sadly passed away earlier this year.

"Dear Satyajit" stood out among stiff competition from five other international films, including entries from the US, Germany, Mexico, Turkey, and India. Proshoon Rahmaan, expressing his gratitude, highlighted the festival's significance as a platform for storytellers to come together and celebrate the enchantment of cinema.

Moreover, young talent shone bright at the festival as child actor Atiqur Rahman Shihan was honored with the Best Child Artiste award for his role in "Juddho Joyer Kishore Nayok." Despite not being present, Proshoon Rahmaan accepted the award on behalf of the team, demonstrating their shared joy in this achievement.

"Juddho Joyer Kishore Nayok," a government-funded film directed by Shaila Rahman Tithi, also received praise for its portrayal of Bangladesh's Liberation War in 1971. Tithi expressed immense pride as the film secured its second international award, emphasizing its inspirational message aimed at young audiences.

The narrative revolves around a courageous 17-year-old boy whose bravery and patriotism lead him to victory in a crucial battle, resonating deeply with viewers. Tithi emphasized the film's purpose of inspiring children and adolescents, instilling a sense of pride in Bangladesh's history.

This isn't the first accolade for "Juddho Joyer Kishore Nayok," having previously won the Best National Film award at the Third Bogura International Film Festival. Additionally, Shaila Rahman Tithi, the film's producer and sponsor, received recognition at the Accolade Global Film Competition in California, further solidifying Bangladesh's presence on the global film stage.

Overall, these achievements not only honor the talent and dedication of Bangladeshi filmmakers but also serve as a testament to the country's rich cultural heritage and storytelling prowess on the international stage.