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DCs asked to play role in stopping sand lifting from rivers after 6pm

Published : 20 Jan 2022 10:10 PM

Seeking strong role of Deputy Commissioners (DCs) to stop lifting of sand from rivers after evening, state minister for water resources Zahid Faruque on THursday said a move is under way to formulate a river dredging policy to save the country's rivers.

"We're formulating a dredging policy which will be sent to the cabinet soon. Sand can be lifted from 6am to 6pm. None will be allowed to lift sand from rivers after that time," he said and asked DCs to play active role in stopping lifting of sand after evening.

The state minister gave the directives while speaking at the DCs' conference at Osmani Smiriti Auditorium in the capital.

He said there are 405 rivers in the country and due to climate change, navigability of these rivers have seriously been affected. The government is trying to keep the rivers navigable through dredging but illegal lifting of sand is not stopped, the situation will deteriorate further.

About the protection of embankments across the coastal belt, Zahid Faruque said human activities such as building of makeshift houses affected durability of embankments. He said none will be allowed to build such houses on embankments.    He said embankments are being built across the coastal belt with government allocation and support from the World Bank which is expected to be concluded in the next 7-8 years. After the completion of the work, huge rush of water during rainy seasons would not affect the embankments, he added.