Day-long butterfly fair held at JU

Published : 02 Dec 2022 09:47 PM

Holding the tittle of  ‘Urley Akashey Projapoti, Prokriti Pai Natun Gati’, a day-long butterfly fair held at Jahangirnagar University campus on Friday amid enthusiasm.

Professor Sheikh Monzurul Huq, Pro Vice-Chancellor (admin) of JU inaugurated the fair while Zoology Department chairman Prof M Monirul Hasan Khan presided over the program. 

 To raise awareness among the masses in the country to conserve butterflies, the Zoology department of JU in association with Cute Ltd, IUCN, Prokriti O Jibon Foundation and Channel I organized the fair. Professor Sheikh Monzurul Huq,  chief guest of the fair, said, “Environment is our daily companion. To lead a sound life we should keep our environment sound.  Everyone should behave responsibly to maintain a healthy environment.

Professor Monowar Hossain, convener of the fair, said, “The presence of butterflies in an area shows that the nature is doing its good. So, initiative must be taken to protect the beauty of nature. If the environment of biodiversity is protected, the world will be better.”

“About four hundred species of butterflies, one of the major insect for pollination, can be noticed in Bangladesh. Meanwhile, one hundred and twenty species of butterflies can be noticed on the JU campus. Due to disruption of the habitat of these species, the number is now reduced to fifty six only,” he added.

This year, Torupollob, a plant preservationist organization, received the “Butterfly Award 2022” for their contribution on conserving butterfly where Dipto Biswas, student of Dhaka University Zoology department, received   the “Butterfly Young Enthusiast-2022” award for his contribution to the field of research on butterflies.

From the morning, people of all ages participated in the fair to see the insects spreading in nature. Live butterflies, including Apefly, Plain Tiger, Common Crow, Common Grass Yellow, Monkey Puzzle and Blue Pansi, were displayed at the fair.

The fair also exhibited numerous butterfly photographs inside and outside of the university`s Zahir Raihan auditorium.

The daylong fair featured a drawing competition for children, rally, butterfly quiz, photography exhibition, butterfly exhibition, butterfly shape kite flying competition for children, butterfly race, debate competition and documentary exhibition on Butterfly and its habitant.