David Bergman: A soul sold to money

Published : 06 Feb 2021 07:42 PM | Updated : 07 Feb 2021 03:33 PM

A controversy has erupted amongst Bengali communities globally following a broadcast on Bangladesh from Qatar based Al Jazeera television channel. Sources suggested David Bergman’s involvement behind this TV story. David Bergman is a British citizen and son-in-law of Dr. Kamal Hossain, a prominent Bangladeshi lawyer cum politician, was behind this TV story.

David Bergman was earlier accused of working for 1971's war criminals in Bangladesh. This is not his only misdeed. He has been a paid agent of different institutions at different times. The Indian government detained him in September 1986. Under the Foreigners Act and the National Security Act, he was charged by the government. He was arrested following a gas accident in Bhopal, India on charges of inciting individuals on behalf of Union Carbide.  He was later released and sent to London with the intervention of the British embassy in India.

The trials of war criminals began at the International Criminal Court in Bangladesh in 2009. At one stage of this trial, David Bergman relocated to Dhaka. He also took up a job at an English-language newspaper. The primary purpose was to render the prosecution of war criminals controversial.It is learned that notorious war criminal Salauddin Quader Chowdhury sought assistance from Pakistan's intelligence agency ISI for an international campaign against the war criminals’ trial. The ISI then assigned this David Bergman. Bergman began advocating for war criminals. The International Criminal Tribunal was forced to take legal action against him. Since then, David Bergman is a convicted criminal in Bangladesh.

This is not the end of David Bergman's history of misdeeds. In 2006, Bergman worked for a television production house in London called Twenty Twenty. However, he was eventually dismissed from that production house on various charges. He has been widely accused of supporting militancy and undermining European Union unity. David Bergman has been identified as a suspect in three countries within the European Union. The three countries are France, Germany and Italy.

Bergman is a hired agent, works for the party that pays him. Most recently, Bergman has been working as a full-time paid employee for Tariq Zia.Tareq Zia, a Bangladeshi convicted politician, has been in exile in London for more than a decade now.Sitting in London, his main task is to carry out various propaganda campaigns against the Sheikh Hasina government of Bangladesh. In the current assignment, David Bergman's main job is to develop multiple anti-government propaganda tools against the Bangladeshi government and spread them from various parts of the world.He recently opened a production house in London. However, only reports such as 'All the Prime Minister’s Men' are produced from this production house.

I watched the so-called Jazeera's investigative report very carefully. The story does not seem plausible at all. There are a considerable number of discrepancies in the report. The report does not present evidence for its assertion. The report title has no relevance and is inappropriate. The main objective of the report was to weaken Sheikh Hasina government. In opposing the government of Sheikh Hasina, they were so blind that they lost their logic.

The acceptance of the Al Jazeera television channel is questionable in most countries. This TV channel is also banned in many countries. By broadcasting this report, they affirmed their desired nature. The TV channel also broadcast multiple false and derogatory reports about Bangladesh in the past. However, these findings will fail to have any negative effect on Bangladesh's reputation due to the TV channel’s low worldwide acceptance. The only accomplishment it could claim is the generation of storms on social media.

Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) and Jamaat-e-Islami, the two political parties of Bangladesh have been out of power for a long time. These parties have become desperate to regain power in Bangladesh. There is a gradual decrease in their support in the country. So they are conspiring against the current government of Bangladesh from foreign countries. They hired various lobbyist firms for this purpose in the past. They have hired David Begrgman for last few years. All these conspiracies, however, failed to achieve their intended outcome.

In particular, David Bergman's success rate in this respect is alarmingly low. David Bergman tried to foil the war criminals’ trial in Bangladesh. He distorted the number of martyrs during the Liberation War of Bangladesh. He made fake news about the Hefazat’s meeting in May 2013. All his actions in Bangladesh were rejected by the majority of the people of Bangladesh. This demonstrates that David Bergman failed miserably in Bangladesh related assignment. So, what's the point in hiring such as failed consultant?

I am currently busy translating Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s selected speeches into English. In reading Bangabandhu’s speeches, I have noticed that Bangabandhu repeatedly made frequent references to the constitution they adapted in Bangladesh with a priority. Dr Kamal Hossain, the father-in-law of David Bergman, played a key role in drafting the constitution. 

I wonder how Sarah Hossain could marry a man such as David Bergman who works against Bangladesh’s liberation war spirit. Although this is a very personal issue, it cannot be completely ignored. Kamal Hossain's daughter Sara Hossain should not forget how her father helped create Bangladesh. David Bergman can sell his soul for money, but how can we embrace such anti-state element in our personal lives? Is money the only thing in life? The people of Bangladesh should be aware of these international conspiracies against their nation and act carefully.

Dr Abul Hasnat Milton is a poet, columnist, and a public health expert in Australia.