Darshana-Gede immigration checkpost reopens after 3 years

Published : 04 Mar 2023 08:26 PM

Darshana-Gede international immigration check post in Chuadanga has been opened for Bangladeshis after almost three years. From now on, the Indian High Commission will issue all types of visas for Bangladeshi passport holders through the international route. The check post was opened from Thursday.

It is known that due to the coronavirus pandemic, on March 26, 2020, all types of visas were stopped at Darshana-Gede by land. While elderly patients and business visas were introduced, they were also closed on December 5, 2021. Since then, Bangladeshis have not been able to enter India through this route for almost three years. However, the Indians were moving. Bangladeshis are in a lot of trouble traveling to India as visas have not been issued for so long on the Darshana-Gede route. Especially those patients who go to India for treatment, thousands of Bangladeshis fall ill after standing in 24-hour long queues while entering India through Benapole port.

Access to India, especially to Kolkata, via the Darshana-Gede route is easy and cost-effective. One can go to Kolkata from Gede railway station by buying a ticket of only 35 Indian rupees. 18 pairs of trains run daily from Gede station to Shialdah in Kolkata. It takes only three hours to reach Kolkata by electric train. Apart from this, the transportation facilities from Darshana to any city of the country are many times more.

The regular travelers of this route have congratulated the Government of Bangladesh and India for opening the Darshana-Gede check post.

Darshana Jayanagar Immigration Incharge SI Abu Naeem said that travel visas have been introduced at Gede and Mahadipur border of India. A travel visa must be applied for regularly. Passenger service has all kinds of preparations on behalf of Darshana Jayanagar Immigration, Customs and BGB.