Damaged 3 Jhenidah bridges turn to death trap

Published : 01 Nov 2019 08:50 PM | Updated : 05 Sep 2020 10:50 PM

Three damaged bridges in Jhenidah turned to almost death trap for want of completion of the same for months together. Thousands of people moving on bus, truck, minibus, private cars and other vehicles on Jhenidah-Jashore highway everyday passing the highway from and to Jashore, Khulna, Benapole, Satkhira, Dhaka and other parts of the country with life risk, said the people.

Large size cracks developed on both sides of the bridge at Chhalabhara, about 13 kilometers from the district headquarters. Transport vehicles facing troubles when crossing the bridge.

Construction work of the bridge near Mobarakganj sugar mills at Kaliganj was not completed in couple of months. Hundreds of vehicles are stopped on the roadside which sometimes create traffic congestions for hours together. Major or minor road accidents have been taking place there. The work was not completed for negligence of the said contractor engaged in the work.

Truck drivers Abdul Momen and Apurba Ghsh said they feel insecure during crossing the risky bridge areas with their loaded trucks. A number of transport workers, along with the owners of the goods were injured due to risky bridges on the highway, they said.

The reconstruction work of the bridge near Jhenidah Sadar hospital at Hamdah area of Jhenidah town could not be completed for an indefinite time. Traffic movement is almost suspended as a side of the bridge was put under barricade. Not only had the four wheelers, the three wheelers fallen victim of accidents while crossing the area every day, said the locals.

Locals blamed the negligence of the roads and highways (R&H) authorities for delayed in completion of the construction or reconstruction work on the highway.

Executive engineer of the R&H in Jhenidah Ziaul Haider when contacted admitted the sufferings of the people and said they informed the matter to the higher authorities for faster steps in completion of the work on the highway. They are expecting relief from the sufferings within a month or two, executive engineer expressed his hope.