Daily commodity prices increase in Ishwardi

Published : 06 Aug 2022 09:12 PM

In Pabna's Ishwardi, the prices of daily commodities are increasing by leaps and bounds. Common people are not able to buy things as required as the prices are out of reach. They are living in hardship. Petrol, diesel, octane prices have been increased again in no time. Many people think that due to the increase in the price of fuel, the price of goods will increase again.

Meanwhile, since Eid, the price of green chillies is increasing little by little. Now, raw chili is being sold at the price of Tk 240 per kg in Ishwardi market. This information was known by visiting Ishwardi Bazaar yesterday morning. Retailers say this price is the highest in the last few years. They expressed fear that the price of pepper may increase further.

On the other hand, the price of rice is also higher. In the span of a week, the price of almost all types of rice per bag (50 kg) has increased by Tk 50. Although the price of flour increased a month and a half ago, it did not decrease. Shopkeepers are selling one kg (packet) of flour at Tk 50 per kg. On the other hand, although the price of eggs has decreased by one or two rupees, grocery stores are selling one egg for 40 rupees.

After visiting the market on Saturday, it was found that one kg of brinjal, 40 bananas, 40 papaya, and 50 shrimps are being sold for Tk. Shopkeepers are selling a medium gourd, rice pumpkin for 30 taka. However, potato, potal, vendy, radish are being sold at the rate of Tk 15 to Tk 20 per kg.

The prices of most daily commodities in the market are on the rise. Meanwhile, as the prices of daily commodities increase again, the suffering of the common people will increase. Local traders said that due to the sudden decrease in the import of these products, the prices have increased. Ayyub Ali, a resident of Fatemohammadpur, a market town, said, "Now I can't buy the daily necessities of the world the way I used to buy them six months ago. The price of goods is out of reach and the market has to be reduced. Earlier it cost 480 taka to buy 5 kg bottled soybean oil, now it costs around 1000 taka. To buy a 50 kg bag of rice for 1600 taka, now you have to count 2500 taka. To increase the price of other products, you have to return home after shopping. Autorickshaw driver Saiful Islam said, I heard that the price of fuel oil has been increased again. Then the price of goods will increase. He said, we have to increase the rent, how can we continue if the price of goods increases like this. Life is becoming difficult.

Amin, a vegetable trader in the market, said that the prices of daily commodities including green chillies are increasing due to the decrease in imports in the wholesale market. A staunch trader in the market said that the increase in the price of fuel will also increase the cost of transportation. As a result, the prices of daily commodities may rise again.